Hi, we are the humans in this breed :


      and Uffe with his favorite
      S*Rockringen's Johnny Rotten
      Photo: Eivor Rasehorn

Jonas, born -82


My name is Barbro, I live together with Ulf, my son Jonas, a parrot called Lisa and our six cats.

It all started four years ago when we bought our first cat. A lovely redblotched tabby female called Sassa. At the same time a friend of mine bought her first maine coon. We took our cats to a club-show, and after that it’s become a part of my life. I show my cats quite a lot and often they do very well. Showing cats are not just the competition it’s also a big social part, with all new friends who share the same hobby. But the main thing for me is still to keep my cats as pets.

The most important thing in my breeding-program is to breed healthy, beautiful cats and not to forget with a lovely temperament. Even if I breed for show, people shall live with my cats 365 days a year, hopefully for 12 to 15 years.

If you want to you are welcome to contact us

Barbro Åberg & Ulf Lindström
Säby Nyckelbacken
S-732 94 Arboga
phone +46 58941144
e-mail: barbro.aberg@telia.com