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Welcome to our homepage. Here your will find information about our breed of the Norwegian Forest Cat.

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Barbro Åberg & Ulf Lindström
Säby Nyckelbacken
S-732 94 Arboga Sweden
tel: +46 589 411 44
mobil: +46 70 664 11 44

 New titles 

© Greta Grönberg
Grand Internationell Champion

S*Wonderwoods Heart in Hand

© Monika Scheuner
Grand Internationell Champion
S*Safari Kittens Victor 

Kittens in the house 

S*Rockringen's Poker Face
female, blacktortie 

Born 2014-11-26

Pretty Ugly
Poker Face
Party Doll

Our cats lives inside with us and walk around as they please. We have big catruns so they can run and play in our garden. Kittens from  our cattery have a name from the "music world". We are a small cattery and we only have 1-2 litter a year.
Our goal is to breed typical forest cats for breed & show, but also a cat for you who just want a lovely friend for life. We dont sell kittens to anybody we havn´t met and we dont send kittens without travelcompany. 
We have exported to  Norway, Denmark, Finland, Island, Poland, Austria, France, Switzerland, USA,   Germany, Holland, Australia & Japan. If you are interested in a kitten, you have to  pay us a visit or let us deliver the kitten to your home. 
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

- S*Rockringen´s since 1994 -

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