Sassa, our first NFO has left us 14 years old.

After loosing her best friends Elvis (cat) and Charley (dog) 
in august and december -06, we noticed that Sassa lost her zest for life. 
I guess she mourned them more then we can understand.

My thoughts goes to Sassa, Bibbi and her wonderful family
Thank you for letting her be the queen of your house for so many years.
I'm sure she is together with Elvis and Charlie now, and they play toghether like always.




PR IC Sassa, DM


NFO d 09 22

Born 1993-04-28


This is Sassa, my first norwegian forest cat, a deep red tabby blotched female.. She is  neutered and lives with my sister and her family. My sister took care of her a couple of years ago when I went on holiday, after that I never got her back :) I can understand why, because Sassa is the most charming cat you can imagine. So friendly and loves to cuddle. She was a super-mother and the kittens got the same temperament.